Horoscope for Today

Horoscope for Today
Monday, September 11, 2017

The Venus-Moon square predisposes to challenging existing relationships, to social and emotional conflicts. It also favors strong emotions.

In order to overcome this difficult time, you should be cautious.
Aries Today

An older relative could help you solve a matter of the heart. You should be confident and try not to be so stubborn.

During the afternoon, news about a friend of yours having fallen seriously ill might make you change your schedule.
Taurus Today

A business of yours may fail, or a partnership may break apart, and this could greatly upset you. For quite a while you might feel like nothing goes well and everything seems to be against you.

Stop being so pessimistic! You should find some time to relax.
Gemini Today

You might’ve just completed a major task and may already be planning a new one. Think about your family too!

It might be time to slow down. Tomorrow is another day. Pay more attention to your loved ones!

You may also want to catch up on the sleep you’ve skipped lately.
Cancer Today

You might become rather impulsive after having missed an important objective.

Don’t take it out on your family! You should try to uncover the real reason of your failure.

Your loved one could help you and offer some sound advice.
Leo Today

You might have an argument with your loved one who resents your lack of tenderness and your working long hours .

Should you attempt to obtain financial benefits by any means, you might find out that it also involves certain risks.

You should pay your need for rest the due attention.
Virgo Today

You might be in a bad mood because you feel that one of your business partners is trying to cheat you. It might be time to talk it over and clear up any misunderstanding.

A close friend could visit you during the evening and help improve your mood.
Libra Today

You seem to be facing emotional issues and need to make a major decision. Today is favorable for devising future plans.

The results of your efforts as of late should start showing. The time has come for you to reap the benefits.

Today you’d better avoid speculations of any kind.
Scorpio Today

You might have to go on a trip. You can be optimistic, for everything is likely to go as planned.

Relationships with friends should be very good.

Your loved one might insist that you accept the support offered by a relative. Whatever you decide, be careful how you say it!
Sagittarius Today

The opportunity could arise for you to join a new business project, but you shouldn’t make a hasty decision. You might not be thinking clearly today, and your choices may not be the best ones.

You have a good chance at succeeding today, provided you are patient and manage to control your agitation.
Capricorn Today

You may feel uneasy because of your financial difficulties.

Avoid arguments – or they might easily turn into quarrels.

You can rely on intuition.
Aquarius Today

You might have a quarrel with your loved one over your reluctance to pay a visit to relatives. Looks like today is not a very good day for business, either.

Under these rather unfavorable circumstances, you should keep calm and try to relax.

Avoid financial speculations!
Pisces Today

It seems you’re not exactly fond of the changes happening at work. Keep your temper in check – or you’d only make things worse.

An older relative might try to impose his/her view upon you. It’s up to you to avoid a fight.

Try to rest more!

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