Horoscope for Today

Horoscope for Today
Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Uranus-Moon conjunction predisposes to tensions at home, and may bring about sudden and unpleasant changes.

This celestial aspect usually favors the ending of an old situation and the beginning of a new one. It’s up to you whether this change will be for the better.

You might be upset because a business trip has been postponed. This may prove to be a blessing in disguise since long trips aren’t favored today.

During the afternoon you could have the opportunity to start a long-term partnership which could bring significant material gain.

The changes that you might bring about at home will be appreciated by your family, but you should also consider your loved one’s opinion.

Don’t get involved in too many things at once – you might end up completing none!

During the evening you might receive a present which will make you very happy.

During the morning you seem determined to complete a domestic task that you started a while ago.

An elder lady in the family could offer you financial assistance, but will also try to impose her views on the changes you intend to implement. Avoid a quarrel that could spoil the atmosphere within your family!

During the afternoon you might receive some good news from a close relative.

You are likely to have a lot on your hands today, but you should take better care of yourself and rest more.

You’ll manage to make major changes at home, which will improve the relationship with your loved one.

During the afternoon you might feel tempted to spend a major sum of money. You should be cautious, because today isn’t favorable for investments.

You can finally deal with unresolved financial issues.

If you’re invited to become part of a collaboration, you can take the offer – it’s likely to bring about a change for the better.

The best thing to do would be to discuss it with your loved one.

Some unexpected expenses might be in store for you today.

You might have to make a last minute change in your schedule in order to deal with a business partner’s urgent issue.

You are likely to have a very busy time today, so you should manage your time efficiently.

It’s time to focus on issues at home.

You can rely on intuition, but you should also consider your loved one’s suggestions.

One of your relatives might ask for your help with some financial issue.

You can finally deal with unresolved financial issues.

You may have the opportunity to become part of a business that will prove to be very profitable.

Avoid speculations of any kind.

You could get the chance to implement old plans regarding a profitable business.

Friendships should go smoothly, but your desire for more independence may generate tension within the family. You should try to be more diplomatic and communicate openly with your loved one.

You shouldn’t rush starting a new activity before you have completed all tasks at hand!

If you want to succeed in the professional department, you have to be determined and creative.

This is likely to be a time of financial instability for you. Avoid speculations of any kind!

You should be in great shape and feel like starting new projects and making plans for the future regarding your home.

Your friends and loved one will encourage you and offer their support.

Try to get over your worries and be more optimistic!

Today you could be particularly creative which should be very helpful in solving difficult professional tasks.

You may want to consider an older relative’s advice.

The relationship with your loved one should be very good. Be careful: you may tend to make unfair reproaches to your significant other.
Via: eastrolog

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