Horoscope for Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Sun-Pluto trine brings about a lot of energy, that could prove useful particularly for physical efforts. Today you will probably find it easy to work and hardly feel tired.

For people with desk jobs, today may be a good time to relax by switching to physical work.


The results of your efficient co-operation with a business partner may start showing. Together the two of you could manage to complete successfully an important task.

During the afternoon you might feel unhappy about your love life. A close friend could help you overcome the situation.

You should pay more attention to domestic duties.



After a less than favorable term, your love life could improve. You may fall in love at first sight. You should be honest.

During the evening you might visit some friends. Let the others speak too!



You could be in a bad mood because of certain financial difficulties.

You can be very efficient, particularly when it comes to intellectual activities. You should focus on education, projects for the future, and strengthening business connections.

You may get the opportunity to make new friends. Today you can rely on your intuition.



You are likely to have many problems to solve before noon. You may feel in great shape, but should accept any support you’re offered.

During the evening you might receive a special gift or a major amount of money from an older family member.



You’re likely to be in a very good mood and be able to succeed in social and domestic activities.

You might not be too happy about your financial situation.

This evening you may stand out at a party. Try to avoid making jokes that could hurt other people’s feelings.



You may be very creative and able to manage very well in business. The investments you intend to make could bring you special satisfactions shortly.

Do your best to take your loved one’s needs seriously. During the evening the two of you will most likely have a great time together.



Your charisma could get you noticed and appreciated.

There’s a good chance you’ll succeed in commercial activities. Domestic investments are favored as well.

Try to avoid arguments with an older relative!



You might initiate an activity which may soon prove particularly satisfying from a professional standpoint.

You seem to be in good shape and willing to work hard.

Be careful and don’t go overboard! If you overestimate your resources, you could fall ill or have an accident.



You may have to go on a business trip, on very short notice. In spite of the difficulties that you may encounter, you should manage very well.

The relationship with your significant other could be rather tense. Try to have patience with your loved one, who will eventually understand and accept the situation.



Today you seem to be in good shape and full of energy.

If invited to go on a short trip, you should accept without hesitation. Forget about expenses! You deserve to relax.

Try to avoid an argument with an older relative.



Chances are you’ll make preparations for holidays or a short trip.

One of your loved one’s relatives might briefly ruin your mood, but the advice you receive may prove to be quite useful.

During the evening you’re likely to cool down and visit friends.



This morning you might learn some good news: money may be coming your way.

It’s a good time for you to make plans for the future and meet friends. Your communicational skills should be great.

Try to pay due attention to younger family members!


Via: eastrolog

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