Today In History

  • 70 Roman army under General Titus occupies & plunders Jerusalem
  • 1714 Treaty of Baden: Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI & France, ends War of Spanish Succession, French retain Alsace, Austria gets bank of Rhine
  • 1822 Pedro I, son of King Joao VI declares Brazil’s independence from Portugal (National Day)
  • 1888 Edith Eleanor McLean is 1st baby to be placed in an incubator at State Emigrant Hospital on Ward’s Island, New York
  • 1909 Eugene Lefebvre becomes first pilot to die in an airplane craft, while test piloting new French-built Wright biplane at Juvisy
  • 1813 United States nicknamed Uncle Sam
  • 1776 World’s first submarine attack
  • 1896 Electric car wins the first auto race in the United States
  • 1864 Atlanta is evacuated
  • 1950 United Nations defeats Soviet motion
  • 1996 Tupac Shakur is shot
  • 1921 Flash flood hits San Antonio
  • 1977 Panama to control canal
  • 1986 Tutu becomes archbishop
  • 1950 Julie Kavner, voice of Marge Simpson, is born
  • 1911 Guillaume Apollinaire is arrested for stealing the Mona Lisa
  • 1936 Buddy Holly is born
  • 1876 Minnesotans nearly wipeout the James-Younger Gang
  • 1977 Carter agrees to transfer Panama Canal to Panama
  • 1953 Maureen Connolly wins U.S. Open
  • 1965 Marines launch Operation Piranha
  • 1967 McNamara Line announced
  • 1914 British commander Sir John French issues first dispat
  • 1940 The Blitz begins
  • 1940 Luftwaffe loses 41 bombers above England
  • 1940 Treaty of Craiova: Romania loses Southern Dobrudja to Bulgaria
  • 1952 Whitey Ford becomes 5th pitcher to hurl consecutive 1 hitters
  • 1977 US President Jimmy Carter and Panama’s General Omar Torrijos sign the Panama Canal treaties, guaranteeing Panama control of the Panama Canal after 1999
  • 1986 Failed assassination attempt on Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, kills 5 people
  • 1988 NY Daily News reports boxer Mike Tyson is seeing a psychiatrist
  • 1995 12th MTV Video Music Awards: TLC, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, & Madonna win
  • 1996 Rap artist Tupac Shakur shot multiple times in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas, dies 6 days later
  • 2000 17th MTV Video Music Awards: Eminem & Aaliyah win
  • 2008 25th MTV Video Music Awards: Britney Spears & Chris Brown win
  • 2011 Plane crash in Russia kills 43 people, including nearly the entire roster of the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl Kontinental Hockey League team
  • 2012 US drone attack kills 8 people in Kismayo, south Somalia
  • 2012 64 people are killed and 715 injured after a series of earthquakes in south-west China
  • 2012 Canada closes its Iranian embassy and expels Iranian diplomatic staff out of Canada
  • 2013 14 Syrian rebels and 2 civilians are killed by heavy government shelling of Damascus
  • 2013 15 people are killed by a restaurant car bombing by Al-Shabaab in Mogadishu, Somalia
  • 2013 Tony Abbott becomes Prime Minister of Australia after a Liberal-National Coalitions wins the election
  • 2014 Asteroid 2014 RC makes a close approach to Earth (39,900 km; 24,800 mi)
  • 2014 Bob and Mike Bryan win their fifth US Open men’s tennis doubles
  • 2015 British archaeologists announce the discovery of a Neolithic “superhenge” under 3ft of earth at Durrington Walls
  • 2016 15th Summer Paralympics opens in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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