Daily Horoscope

Daily Astrology Predictions for  Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Sun-Moon opposition – i.e. the Full Moon – is likely to increase nervousness. You might feel the urge to do something every minute.

The risk of accidents could be higher than usual. Conversations may easily turn into heated and dangerous arguments. Keep calm!

Aries Today

During the morning you might tend to get involved in several things at once. Impatience and nervousness might affect your efficiency.

You should be very careful about your professional activities, in order to avoid delays and mistakes that could upset your higher-ups.


Taurus Today

You might have to work in a tense environment today, because of the difficult co-operation with one of your partners. You two may be of different opinions regarding a major investment.

You should keep your impulsiveness in check. If you manage to avoid a quarrel, things could soon get back to normal.


Gemini Today

You might not be in the best mood today. Avoid taking on new responsibilities, because you risk wasting your energy!

You seem to be prone to depressive moods and strokes. Keep calm!

Life can be beautiful, but you need to keep calm and achieve inner peace in order to achieve that.


Cancer Today

You could tend to become impulsive. You should be cautious about everything you do.

During the afternoon you might receive a significant amount of money. It could be a bonus acknowledging your professional achievements over the last period of time.

Leo Tomorrow

You may experience health issues because you’re too tense and almost worn out. You should take it easy.

This isn’t a good time for making major business decisions.


Virgo Today

You could tend to be cranky because you seem to be almost exhausted. You may want to avoid activities that require focusing. It might be a good time for routine household chores.

You shouldn’t react to the provocations of an older person from your circle.


Libra Today

During the morning you might be agitated and unable to control your impulsiveness. You’re at risk of triggering heated arguments.

You should stick to routine activities.

Drive carefully! Today you might be prone to car accidents.


Scorpio Today

You might have a heated argument with a young person from your circle, and feel tempted to use harsh words.

You risk getting involved in a car accident. You’re better off avoiding driving today.

Steer clear of financial speculations!


Sagittarius Today

In spite of your financial difficulties, you could remain optimistic and try to persuade your business partners to take action.

You seem to be prone to accidents. Be cautious in everything you do!


Capricorn Today

This morning you may feel discontent with everything, and might tend to argue with everybody.

You should pay more attention to family members, especially to your significant other. The two of you will manage to find the solution to a financial issue.


Aquarius Today

You might have a plan to do something useful for your home. Today you can rely on your intuition.

During the afternoon you might be facing minor health issues that will prove to be temporary.

You should pay more attention to your need for rest and love life.



You might become somewhat cranky because of some unforeseen changes in your schedule. You should keep your temper in check, because you risk destroying relationships with workmates and your loved one.

Focus on the most urgent tasks!

You’d better avoid speculations of any kind.


Via: eastrolog

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