What Are Your Intimacy Issues, According To Your Zodiac

Nobody’s perfect.  Intimacy issues are a dime a dozen, and we’ve all got at least one in some regard. Sex can be a tricky dance to perfect, and tripping on your own feet may very well last well into your golden years.  So if you’ve got some issues, own them — and then deal with them, maybe.  Keep reading to find out what your intimacy issues are, according to your Zodiac. Does your Zodiac’s answer sum up your intimacy issues up fairly well?  Let us know in the comments!

Cancer. Your frequent tendencies to be an emotional wreck seem to always get the better of you in bed. You need to get control of your emotions, especially when you’re trying to get intimate, but that’s not your strong suit. When you’re in a mood, it doesn’t matter if you’re naked with your beau, it’s not going to go smoothly.

Aries. You move too quickly. Instead of easing into intimacy, you charge at it head-on as though you’re a bull. Someone once told you that slow and steady wins the race, but you weren’t listening. You were too busy trying to woo someone.

Capricorn. You don’t think very highly of yourself. It’s obvious. You tend to wear those feelings on your sleeves — even when you’re naked, as it were. This isn’t sexy. If you want to get busy bumping uglies, you really need to work on your confidence.

Libra. You’re sexually confused. This isn’t so much referring to your sexuality (though that may be the case), but you’re just overall struggling with intimacy. In fact, it’s turning more into anxiety, and it’s starting to turn you off from sex altogether. If only sex wasn’t a natural and sometimes inescapable urge…

Gemini. You need to open up a bit more when it comes to intimacy. You hold such high standards with people that you hardly give yourself a chance to experiment. You’ve got one body. Put it to use. Explore what’s out there and stop assuming you’re too good for certain people. You + high horse = forever alone.

Pisces. Who needs anyone else beside you to satisfy your intimacy, right? Even thought that’s a horrible a way to go about your sex life, that’s the route you tend to take. You’re an independent soul, and you should be proud of that. But when that extends to your intimate life, it doesn’t jive so well. In fact, it kind of makes you seem more than a little selfish.

Virgo. While everyone else who’s intimate seems to focus on love and sexiness, you focus on judgment and negative analysis. You’re a nitpicker. If you had things your way all the time, your sexual endeavors would be perfect, but that’s not life — m’kay? Maybe you should put more attention in enjoying the moment than in curating the moment.

Scorpio. Has anyone ever told you that you’re the clingy type? Well, maybe they didn’t tell you in person, but surely they gave you the hint by running away. When you’re intimate, you’re in too deep. Not physically, which might actually feel good, but emotionally, which just feels overbearing and not at all cute.

Taurus. As Megan Fox said in “Jennifer’s Body” once upon a time, “You’re lime green jello and you can’t even admit it to yourself.” No matter how clingy your partner may be or how devoted they actually are, you’re always assuming they’ve got ulterior motives. You’re about to be double-crossed. You can feel it. Even though it’s really just all in your head.

Sagittarius. You don’t look before leaping. You indulge in whatever seems pleasant at the time without any real regard for the future. You assume the best without ever acknowledging that negativity is a thing — at least not until it smacks you in the face. This is how people get into trouble, be it emotional trouble or physical, unprotected trouble.

Aquarius. You can be a bit awkward in bed. You’ve studied porn, you’ve tried perfecting the positions and you’ve attempted to groom your body in a way that ought to be ideal — but you always manage to muck something up. There’s a reason Napoleon Dynamite never got into porn. His moves don’t quite fit in that realm.

Leo. Whether or not your partner wants to be more of the submissive type, they will be on your watch. That’s how your intimacy tends to roll. You’re dominant, no matter what. You like the control, and while that might be sexy for a chosen few, it isn’t so much for everyone else. You’re not being sexy, you’re being bossy.


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