Prince William Comments on Kate Middleton’s Third Pregnancy: “It’s Very Good News”

On Tuesday, Prince William was all smiles during his first public appearance since Kensington Palace announced that Kate Middleton is pregnant with their third child. During a visit to the National Mental Health and Policing Conference in Oxford, the Duke of Cambridge commented on his wife’s pregnancy, saying, “It’s very good news.” Mark Collins, chief constable of Dyfed-Powys Police, teased him about the timing of the announcement. “May I congratulate you and the Duchess of Cambridge on your wonderful news yesterday,” he told William, “and may I personally thank you for saving the announcement for the day before the national conference!”

The new royal baby will become the fifth in line to the throne when he or she is born, pushing Prince Harry into sixth place. Kate made the pregnancy announcement earlier than expected, as she was forced to pull out of forthcoming engagements because of severe morning sickness.

In his address to officers Tuesday, William said, “I’d like to start, if I may, by acknowledging the role you play in our society and the considerable pressures you are under. The police service only ever seems to make the news when one of two things happen: Either a terrible tragedy or atrocity occurs, and quite rightly the police are praised for their extraordinary bravery and sacrifice; or, at the other end of the spectrum, a decision is held up to account and censor.”



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