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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Sun-Neptune opposition can make everybody more idealistic, head-in-the-clouds, and less able to focus.

Practical sense might tend to run very low today, therefore you may want to avoid making major decisions or deals, no matter how tempting they seem.

Aries Today

This morning you could have to run several errands and change your schedule.

You should postpone dealing with difficult issues that require focusing. You may tend to be head-in-the-clouds and unable to find suitable solutions.

It’s not advisable for you to start any new activity today.


Taurus Today

Though you might intend to start a new business today, it seems you lack practical sense. Try to wait until you have a clearer picture of the situation.

You could deal with minor health issues that should prove to be passing.

During the afternoon you may want to deal with your loved one’s problems.


Gemini Today

You could have to make an important decision regarding your love life, but you seem unable to make up your mind. You’d better rely on an older person’s advice.

Avoid heated arguments! Today, they may easily turn into full-blown fights.

You should accept the support offered by someone younger.


Cancer Today

You may learn that your plans for today are somewhat unrealistic.

A close friend could ask for your help with a business. There may be a nice bonus in it for you too.

This isn’t the time for speculations of any kind.

After a rather hectic day, you can spend a romantic evening with your loved one.


Leo Today

This morning, you could be confused and misunderstand the advice of an older relative.

Focusing might be difficult too. You should only deal with the most urgent issues.

If you intend to buy something expensive, you may want to consider your loved one’s opinion on the matter.


Virgo Today

Today you may be lacking practical sense, so try to avoid taking on new responsibilities.

You shouldn’t deal with important issues, particularly at work or in business.


Libra Today

This morning you might not be in the best of moods.

This isn’t the time to take risks. Your chances to succeed are rather thin today.

If you are proposed to join in a new business partnership, don’t rush making a decision! You seem to be confused, and your decisions may not be very inspired.


Scorpio Today

You might not be very efficient at work, because you seem to be lacking practical sense. Try to avoid arguments with workmates and higher-ups.

During the evening you are likely to pay a visit to friends and meet someone special whom you may fall in love with at first sight.


Sagittarius Today

You might be proposed to join in a new partnership. You don’t have to decide today. You seem to be lacking practical sense and your decisions may be wrong.

Pay more attention to your love life! You are likely to spend a romantic evening with your loved one.


Capricorn Today

Today you may tend to be somewhat of a dreamer and neglect important issues.

This is not the time to start new activities, because your practical sense is running quite low.

You can succeed, provided you accept the support of friends and family.


Aquarius Today

You might feel inclined to criticize everyone around. Try to remain cautious and avoid arguments with workmates.

Postpone any trip you have planned for today! Chances are you will achieve nothing.

During the evening you may have guests from out of town. They could surprise you in a nice way.


Pisces Today

You could be confused and unable to make an important business decision.

Today isn’t favorable for exams or business meetings.

During the afternoon you might be offered a part-time job. Don’t rush signing a contract!

Via: eastrolog

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