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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Moon-Venus opposition reduces realism and pragmatism and induces a certain degree of confusion regarding partnerships. Sensitivity and compassion are augmented.

When it comes to significant relationships, both professional and personal, one must show patience, tolerance, and avoid making any important decisions.

Aries Today

This morning, a professional issue might prove to be more complicated than anticipated. In fact, you seem to be unaware of certain relevant data.

In order to solve this issue, you need to be patient and optimistic.

When it comes to your personal life, you should be more understanding with those near and dear.


Taurus Today

It might be better to not make much of a tight schedule for the day. Unpredictable events may occur, and that could force you to change things as you go. But it seems the changes will benefit you.

You should avoid financial speculation and pursuits that involve financial risks by and large.

This evening you can recharge your batteries by spending time with your loved ones.


Gemini Today

A task not completed in due time could cause trouble when it comes to ties with workmates or business partners.

Regardless of who’s to blame for the delay, you should react in as diplomatic a manner as possible and not get embroiled in an argument.

You can relax with your loved ones, provided you don’t bring home work-related issues.


Cancer Today

Issues at work might get disheartening. Don’t lose faith! It’s only a temporary situation.

On the other hand, this term could help you notice the help you constantly get from someone.

Don’t go head to head with close ones – there’s risk of fights breaking out!


Leo Today

Things seem to be pretty tense in your love life. This is not the time to have a serious discussion, but sweet-talking and a smile can dissipate a lot of the tension.

You might get the chance to increase your income from work or your own business. But you need to be patient.

Don’t rush based on promises made today by a friend!


Virgo Today

The relationship with someone pretty important to you seems to be on shaky ground. In order to set things straight, you probably need to be patient and let actions speak for themselves.

It’s not a good day for discussing serious matters of the heart.

A creative hobby could help you relax like you need to.


Libra Today

Your mood seems to be soured by a professional issue that’s been bothering you, and because of it you might have to postpone other important activities. You could receive some unexpected help that may resolve things.

An older relative could give you a good business idea or offer to support you financially. Don’t make promises you’re not sure you can keep!

You might be able to solve some health issue.


Scorpio Today

It seems that money you’re counting on is late to come your way. If you’re planning to make expenses that can’t be postponed, you could ask a friend to help out.

Think well before speaking and don’t chatter. Otherwise you risk regretting running your mouth.

You might relax with your loved one or by practicing a hobby.


Sagittarius Today

There might be some communicational issues when it comes to business partners or workmates. Try to find the constructive part of the criticism you receive!

Efforts you put in now when it comes to your career are likely to bring praise and more income soon.

When it comes to family ties, you should be more understanding and flexible.


Capricorn Today

Today is likely to be good for your professional life, and you have enough freedom to set ideas in motion. Careful, though – you might tend to overdo it!

You should be wiser about expenses.

Your loved one would probably enjoy spending more time together.


Aquarius Today

Today you seem to be distracted and unable to focus on complicated issues. You should deal with significant issues first and not take on new responsibilities!

A delay or misunderstanding regarding money you’re owed could complicate matters. You might change your mind about making expenses you had planned for the immediate future.


Pisces Today

You may be proud of your work-related ideas, but workmates and higher-ups don’t seem to give them the credit they deserve. It’s not the best time to start a serious discussion about it.

It might be better to wait a few days if you plan to start important activities and negotiate or sign documents.

Your love life is very likely to be harmonious.

Via : eastrolog

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