There is not one adult on this planet that has walked into a room for something but as soon as you take the 10 steps to get there, you suddenly have no idea what your purpose is for being there.

How about when you swear you’ve left your keys, cell phone, wallet, or something else of great importance in the same spot you always do, but once you try to leave the house the item is nowhere to be found?

It’s always some bizarre place like the dishwasher or freezer.

Usually, stress is involved.

We live in a time of perpetual motion. Work, family, money – all of these things add to our abilities to function as adults.

But what if there were nine steps you could take that would instantly increase your brain power?

Believe it or not, not getting a good night’s sleep increases your brain’s memory loss.

You probably already knew that you needed more restful sleep at night but it’s easier said than done with all of the millions of thoughts and worries that flood our head when we try to settle in for the night.

It’s also the first step to increasing your brain’s efficiency.

Take Care of Our Health
Exercise regularly
Eat better / eat less
Get our needed 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night

Clear Our Minds
Take time out from our jobs and electronic devices
No work or even checking E-Mail after 7:00 pm
Don’t check E-Mail first thing in the morning
Have at least one weekend day be totally work and electronics-free
No matter how busy we are, we need to take our vacation days fully and leave our smartphones and laptops at home

Have a Life Outside of Work
While our work is quite important to us, we need to have a healthy balance and a healthy life
Family, friends, hobbies, and activities outside of work allow us to put a proper perspective on why we work and what (and whom) we are working for

Simplify and Focus
Avoid multi-tasking as much as possible
Working with a deeper concentration and sole focus is more productive, and it reduces stress immeasurably

Act On Our Underperformers
We need to either quickly improve or (more likely) let go of our underperformers. Whether unwilling, unable, or a toxic combination of both, our poor performers contribute more to the stress in our work lives than any other single controllable source.
Thus, we need to relieve our organizations of the repeated mistakes, poor attitudes, and inactions of this group of employees.
We and our organizations will be better and less stressed without these underperformers on our team.

Just Do It… Now
No procrastination…ever
If we have to get something done, we need to get it done now or schedule for another time (when we will absolutely and positively get it done)
As the 19th century Puritan preacher, George Claude Lorimer said:
Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible.
Moreover, by stopping the procrastination and getting it done now, we will realize the lovely little secret that most tasks do not take that long to do.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Most issues and problems are truly small stuff – mere molehills and not mighty mountains
If we ‘simplify and focus’ and ‘just do it…now’, we will realize that we can address and overcome any of these (low) hurdles.

Learn, Forget, and Move On
We need to be accepting of what is happening – good or bad
To keep our minds clear, we need to practice forgetting
Most notably, if we make a mistake, we need to learn from the mistake and move on. Ruminating and re-living our mistakes keeps them in our mind, yet does us no good.

Smile and Be Happy
As business leaders, most of us are doing what we want to do and enjoy doing – developing a team, satisfying customers, and moving our companies forward.
So, we need to smile, laugh, and be positive
Life is good!

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