Sell on Autoscout24 ? Important to know !!


Over the last years, the company has built a testing program that allows them to address real user problems and make measureable improvements in conversion on their site. AutoScout24 uses A/B testing on almost every page across their website in order to learn about their users and continually improve their online experience. They discovered that small changes can have a major impact and using Optimizely, they have been able to triple their product revenue.


Autoscout24 one of the largest online car marketplace in Europe. With a market presence in 18 countries and more than 55,000 associated dealers, AutoScout24 is represented in all important European markets. Founded as MasterCar AG in Munich in 1998, it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Scout24 Group, to which ImmobilienScout24 belongs as well. The Scout24-Group went public in 2015.

Its two digital marketplaces provide inspiration and orientation for two important decision processes: ImmobilienScout24 empowers users to find their perfect place to live while AutoScout24 supports its users in finding the perfect car.


AutoScout24 offers consumers, car dealers, and other cooperation partners in the automotive, finance and insurance industries a comprehensive platform for trading cars online. The marketplace comprises used and new cars, motorcycles, and utility vehicles.

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