Here’s Why You Feel So Depressed During The Month Of August

The August Blues aren’t quite the same thing as seasonal affective disorder.  It’s an August-specific sort of depression.  The month of August is like 31 Sundays in a row.  To quote Morrissey: “Everyday is like Sunday Everyday is silent and grey Hide on the promenade Etch a postcard: ‘How I Dearly Wish I Was Not Here’ In the seaside town That they forgot to bomb Come, come, come, nuclear bomb.” In other words, in August, we long for the simpler, earlier days of June and July, and we dread the grind represented by September and beyond.  Here are a few ways to keep the August Blues from getting you down.
What exactly does August represent? August, of course, represents the transition between summer and fall. Looking into it on a deeper level, it also represents the transition of going from being a child to adulthood.
August Blues are for everyone. Kids can experience the August Blues for obvious reasons; they had the whole summer to relax and play, and now they have to go back to school. As for adults, with the exception of teachers, we worked through the summer. And yet, we still feel like we need to go back a month or two and make sure we did the summer right.
Fall. We never shed the feeling that returning to fall means returning to school (work) and being one step closer to winter. Winter reminds of getting older, and getting older reminds us of death.
Summer flings. Summer romances are a lot of fun while they last. But when they’re over, even if you promised each other that you wouldn’t get too attached, they can still sting.
The summer means freedom. Most working adults take a summer vacation. For some of us, it’s a weekend trip. But we all do like to get away for awhile and escape from reality.
No responsibilities. Of course it’s untrue that we have no responsibilities when we’re on vacation; we absolutely do. But, if you stay at a hotel or a resort, a lot of your needs are taken care of. You get to be a little spoiled. It’s nice having someone else take care of you while you have your fun.
August means September. At the end of August, we are reminded that the party’s over. Back to school. back to the grind. TiRegret. August sometimes means regret for some adults. “Did I make the most of my summer? Did I waste it? I wish I could go back. It’s over.”me to get ready for the next winter.
Another year. Summer is gone. It’ll be another year before I’m happy again.
Winter is coming. The end of summer always reminds us that winter is only one more season away. And winter is incredibly depressing. It represents the literal and figurative death of all things.
Happiness in any season. You can find happiness in any month or any season. You just have to stop, breathe, and take care of your mental health. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with sadness, it’s time to figure out what’s going on.
The New Year. Remember, winter also represents a new year and a fresh start. There are reasons to be optimistic every month of the year. So, don’t be overwhelmed by a month full of Sundays. You can change August, September and beyond.

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