Daily Astrology Predictions for Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Moon-Neptune square is expected to boost physical and emotional energies. However, bad moods, confusion, and rudeness may also be present.

You might also experience apathy or aloofness. Try to control yourself, and avoid making major decisions today!

Aries Today
During the morning, confusion and oversensitivity might affect your relationships with friends, mostly because you are likely to misunderstand others.
You should postpone important meetings with serious implications regarding your career or business.
You may want to consider a close relative’s advice, because your own intuition might not be very reliable today.

Taurus Today
The failure to complete an important task on time might upset you. Don’t push it! You seem to be lacking practical sense today.
You may feel worn out and unable to focus.
You should relax and spend more time in your loved one’s company.

Gemini Today
The relationship with your loved one will be very good and you will have the opportunity to spend romantic moments together, possibly on a short trip.
You might also decide to buy a valuable item for your home.
You should avoid getting involved in sensitive matters, because you may not achieve the desired results.

Cancer Today
This morning you might be oversensitive, unable to focus or make the best decisions. You’d better avoid investing and business deals, as well as any challenging activity.
You should stick to routine activities today. Try to rest more and pay more attention to your love life!

Leo Today
You might be in a bad disposition because your financial situation isn’t very good. This is not a good time for making major decisions.
You may want to avoid meeting with business partners or friends. You’re not in the best shape and might harm your relationships.
Keep calm and avoid getting into arguments with your family!

Virgo Today
During the morning you might be in state of confusion. Your partnerships could be affected.
If you are given the opportunity to join in a new business partnership, don’t rush to say yes! You’d better ask for your loved one’s opinion first.

Libra Today
Avoid taking any risks today! You seem not to be in the best shape, either physically or intellectually.
You may want to avoid heated arguments with an older person who will try to influence you regarding a business project.
You should arm yourself with patience.

Scorpio Today
Unexpected events might occur during the morning, compelling you to change the schedule for the whole day.
You could meet an important person who may help you initiate a business project later. You should avoid making hasty decisions.
You might spend the evening with this new acquaintance.

Sagittarius Today
You might experience health issues due to exhaustion. You should work less and rest more for a while.
During the evening, a close friend might invite you to a party. You should take advantage of this opportunity, but avoid eating or drinking too much.

Capricorn Today
You might experience a misunderstanding with your friends. You’d better keep your temper in check.
During the afternoon you’ll be in a better mood and will have better chances at spending a romantic time in the company of your loved one.

Aquarius Today
Nothing seems to go your way. You’re obviously lacking practical sense today.
You shouldn’t push things. The best thing you can do today is to relax.
If you have the chance to make a trip together with your family, go for it! Let go of your reluctance!

Pisces Today
You have great plans and intend to finalize an activity you’ve started a long time ago.
Your schedule might change suddenly, following a phone call from a relative. You might have to go on a trip. A person dear to you might be experiencing health issues.
You should double-check your luggage and papers.

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