The Fetish You Are Likely to Enjoy, Courtesy of Your Zodiac Sign


Fetishes are making their way into the mainstream if the launch of the social media platform Fetlife is anything to go by. Users of Fetlife can identify themselves in a number of ways including by whatever floats their boat, including being a submissive, slave, or master, among a host of other options, according to As your personality type is likely to dictate the kind of kinks you could be into, it might just be possible to use your zodiac sign to make a prediction, says writer, Rosebud Baker. Read on to find out more what your zodiac might say about the kind of your fetish you might enjoy …
Capricorns make the perfect sadist. According to writer, Rosebud Baker, it is likely that because your likes and dislikes are part and parcel of your personality types, you can use your zodiac sign to predict the kind of fetishes you might enjoy. For those who are Capricorn for instance, says Baker, disciplinarian Capricorn could make the perfect sadist, interested in inflicting pain on those who consent!

Aquarius like offbeat fetishes. If you are Aquarius, says Baker, you already dance to the beat of a different drum. You could be into anything from voyeurism to sadomasochism and the wearing of women’s panties on your head!

Pisces make good brats. Pisces make great brats, says Baker. While they might partner-up with dominants to play a submissive role, they like to test boundaries and still enjoy a measure of freedom.

Aries take control. Regal Aries is all about being in control. Their very nature is to the dominant, says Baker, but since they like the chase, brats make a good pairing choice.

The Taurus Master. Born between April 19th and May 20th, then as a Taurus, then being a master might be a big turn on for you. Possessive but terrible at avoiding temptation, says Baker, the ability to command many slaves could lead to sexual fulfillment!

Polyamorous Gemini. As a Gemini, you like to have choices. Clearly born to be polyamorous, those born between May 21st and June 20th, never need to be bored, says Baker, if they simply give into the urge to have multiple partners.

Cancer love to give. Those born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are givers and would thrive as submissives, says Baker. If you are Cancer, no one has to tell you that you feel your best when at someone else’s disposal.

Leo can be dominant or submissive but watch out! The leader of the pack, Leo, can quite naturally be dominant. But as an alpha personality, Leo also has the flexibility to play a submissive role, says Baker, but only with someone who knows how to maintain the level of dominance a Leo wants!

Someone say slave? Like Cancer, Virgo likes to serve. They like to give everything in a relationship, says Baker, which singles them out as a slave. A willing partner of a “dom” or “master,” one of the things that both might really appreciate in their Virgo is their willingness to allow their partners to always have what they want.

Libra on the throne. While Libra has a dominant personality, says Baker, it’s more of a vanilla variety, in that they appreciate monogamy. Libra is a “Princess,” says Baker, who wants to be at the center of their partner’s world and run things in the bedroom.

Sex as primal expression. For Scorpio, sex is a way of expressing their deepest, most primal emotions, says Baker. When it comes to kinks, Scorpio is all for letting out their inner animal and is at home in the roles of predator and prey.

Sagittarius turned on by variety. Like the Gemini, Sagittarius sees variety in sexuality and could make a good mate for option hungry Gemini. Whether they are partnered up or not, says Baker, Sagittarius will always find a way to get what they want whether it means swinging parties or polyamory!

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